Our Services


Our approach to design is collaborative. We work with your team, the community, and other firms to imagine, design, and build your vision for every project— on time and on budget. We offer architectural planning services including building design, planning permissions, code compliance, project management, and construction oversight. Our process is simple: we consult all of the stakeholders of a project before conceptualizing a design idea. From there, we procure the needed resources to drive a concept from design to construction, serving as liaison between the client and the contractors. Through each step, we document and iterate to ensure a flexible and feasible structure without missing any details. The end result is a project that is cost-effective, that meets client specifications, and that is a source of pride for all involved.


We’re experts in seamless integrations. Our team can build on existing structures to transform the facilities without compromising the original design. In addition to renovations, our services include alterations, preservations, remodeling, and additions. Our firm has worked on a variety of public and private projects that require careful logistical planning focused on preexisting conditions. We are able to reclaim old structures and design around their constraints to create a new, modern buildings that preserve the historical significance of the original. This helps our clients save costs while renewing the vision for their structure.

LEED & Sustainability Strategies

We believe that every building should be designed with the future in mind. That’s why we take into account the environmental and sustainability concerns of every project. We are certified to provide designs that include solutions for water conservation, energy efficiency, and materials sustainability. Our LEED AP professional is knowledgeable about the accepted standards established by the US Green Building Council. For each project, our firm is fully capable of designing integrated systems that will reduce the carbon footprint and conserve natural resources.

3-D & BIM Modeling

Technology is an integral part of our process. We look beyond design and account for feasible construction by rendering visualizations of our concepts using computer modeling. This ensures that building plans and budgets are accurate for even the most complex projects. Our team has the expertise to create virtual models that consider a project from every angle, including engineering, construction, and utilities. The result is a well-designed building that integrates each moving part into a cohesive, smart concept. Our approach saves time and money by planning proactively for future constraints.

Computer Rendering

Our designs offer a glimpse of the final product before construction even begins. Throughout the planning process, our team sketches a concept on paper and renders it virtually on the computer. This allows our clients to see beyond the design model, and visualize how the final structure will realistically look on their site. Our process enables us to consider a project outside of the studio and into the environment in which the building will actually reside. This way, our team can work on making adjustments earlier in the design process to avoid costly modifications once construction begin.

Master Planning

Urban planning and architectural design go hand-in-hand. Our firm’s commitment to the local community has naturally translated into mater planning services over the years. We have designed multiple public parks and memorials that offer comfortable spaces for the recreation of local residents. We think strategically through large-scale architectural, landscape, infrastructure, and space utilization issues to help our clients make planning decisions. This way, the final design ensures that the space offers an accessible and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Feasibility Studies & On-Site Surveys

We equip our team with the tools and expertise to assess a project before conceptualization. Our design process begins by understanding the initial constraints, ensuring that the design takes into consideration any issues that may arise later in time. This prevents future costs and delivers an architectural plan that is feasible for construction on any given site or existing structure.
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