Pat Petit

Accessibility Compliance Specialist

After twenty-seven years in the residential and commercial design and construction field, I arrived at William Starck Architects, Inc. fourteen years ago, as a Project Manager.

In that capacity, I was given the opportunity to take the lead on the development of over 230 Minute Clinics in CVS Pharmacy stores from New England to Florida. When CVS decided to introduce Minute Clinics to the Massachusetts market, the requirements under the Massachusetts Department of Public Health were cumbersome and overly bureaucratic for the limited scope of this type of application. In conjunction with Minute Clinic, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and legal counsel, we were instrumental in structuring the regulations for “Limited Services Clinics” as it appears today in the Massachusetts General Laws. Today, CVS has over 50 Minute Clinics throughout Massachusetts.


As the firm’s Accessibility Compliance Specialist, I am the go-to person who has the answers to our more difficult accessibility design issues. With well over fifty hours of continuing education in the accessibility field, I’m not only well versed in Federal ADA requirements, but have an excellent understanding of the intricacies that individual state’s accessibility codes contain.


When I am not at work, I can usually be found in the kitchen. Food and wine are two of my passions. With my travels around the globe I have been blessed with the ability to experience my passions with up-close and personal adventures. The more I travel the more places I want to visit and experience. Passion drives us but meeting people is what gives it value.