Our Team

Bill Starck, R.A.

President & Partner

Jeff Kern

Executive Vice President & Partner

Rodney Jacques, R.A.

Vice President & Partner

Brad McCaffrey

Senior Account Manager & Partner

David Andrade

Project Manager & Partner

Geoff Northrup

Project Manager & Partner

Nick Velozo, R.A.

Project Manager & Partner

Phillip Yang


Daniel Dupuis


Pat Petit

Accessibility Compliance Specialist

Paul Rico

Project Manager

Elizabeth Woodis

Accounting Clerk

June Starck

Office Manager

Melanie Duarte

Administrative Assistant

What Our Clients Say

We didn't want the unique design of the previous establishment to be associated with Cove 392. Bill and Gary kept most of the exterior walls of the building, which was cost effective for us, but added new design elements to the building…that will give the building a fresh, new look. One of our goals was to create a new landmark building along the waterfront. Despite the fact that the building has been here for nearly thirty years, I think we successfully achieved our goal.
- Peter Cabral  /  Co-Owner of the Cove Waterfront Restaurant